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Thursday, April 19

Baguio’s The Mansion and Wright Park

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The mirror lake at the Mansion.

The Mansion House, or simply The Mansion, is a popular tourist destination in Baguio because of its historical roots in the past. It was built by William Cameron Forbes according to the design by William Parsons in 1908, as a part of the bigger Burnham Plan of Baguio and the City Beautiful Movement. It was devastated in 1945 and was rehabilitated two years after. Now, Baguio’s The Mansion is a rest house of the President of the Philippines. The Wright Park on the other hand is park developed in honor of Governor General Luke E. Wright.

The white building with a green roof is The Mansion.

Part 5 of Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions)

The Mansion is right beside the Wright Park, another popular Baguio tourist attraction. It is about 20-30 minutes by foot from Baguio Country Club and Camp John Hay. When one is planning a walk tour in Leonard Wood, he can actually continue the walk tour to The Mansion or the Wright Park, then either head to Mines View Park or Camp John Hay.

After we viewed the mountain views (not mines views) in Mines Views Park, we rode a jeep that goes back to downtown Baguio. We dropped off at The Mansion and walk a bit inside to take some pictures. By the way, to go to The Mansion from Mines View Park or downtown Baguio, check my post “How to Go to Baguio Tourist Attractions: Session Road to Mines View Park”.

You are only allowed to take pictures just inside, in front of the grasses near the gate. You are not allowed to go until The Mansion building, maybe because officials are taking it for security reasons. The gate of The Mansion is open for public, but the main building is not. From the gate, you will get to see the embossed words “The Mansion” on the grass, with matching Cory Aquino’s freedom logo, the yellow ribbon.

The gate to The Mansion.

From The Mansion, you can go directly to the Wright Park. Just walk straight following the length of the mirror lake until you reach the gazebo. From there, you are already at the Wright Park, just walk straight and go down to see horses that you can rent for some fun horseback riding. The con of this park, it is stinking. Well you can’t blame the horses contributing greatly to that unwanted smell, but when you ride on it (the horse) and go to other Baguio tourist spots, it would surely be fun.

Anyway, we didn’t get the chance to ride a horse because we planned to do an almost endless walk tour in Baguio. After we revisited the Wright Park, we rode a jeepney bound to downtown Baguio, dropped off at SM City Baguio and took a lunch.

The gazebo at the end of the mirror lake of The Mansion.

Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions) Travel Series
Part 5: Baguio's The Mansion and Wright Park

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  1. Hi Joven! It was first my first time to visit your site. I'm one of the bagets na pumunta dyan sa Azalea last March 31-April 1.

    Anyway, sana makapunta ulit ako dyan. Medyo haggard kasi yung nangyaring libot namin dahil may pagka amazing race yung peg kaya hindi din kami masyadong nag-enjoy. >_<

    1. Haha for sure you will visit Baguio in the future. Thanks for dropping by my blog! Hehe. Hopefully makapag volt in din ako sa future trips mo. Best luck! :)

  2. hi joven!

    kakamiss naman pumasyal sa baguio lalo ngayon mainit.

    as always nakaka-engganyo pumasyal dahil gaganda ng pics mo. I'm so looking forward to your photos of your vacation here in Cebu, I bet magaganda din yun!

    cille =)

    1. Thank sa compliment Ate Cille! Can't wait na nga eh, ang gaganda kasi ng tourist spots dyan sa Cebu.

      Anyway, you are very welcome dito sa Baguio. :)


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