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Wednesday, April 25

How to Go to Baguio Tourist Attractions: Session Road to Mines View Park

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How to go to Baguio Cathedral from Bus Terminal:
If you happened to ride on a Genesis Bus/Dagupan Bus/Saulog Bus and dropped off along Gov. Pack Road, all you have to do is to walk your way to Session Road (marker is the Police Station), cross the street until you see the Cathedral. Baguio Cathedral is near upper Session Road and Post Office Loop. If you rode on a Victory Liner Bus (air-con) and dropped off at Victory Liner terminal in Engineer’s Hill, it is better to ride a taxi to the church. Or you can walk your way from Utility Road to Session Road, walk straight until you reach the Circle (roundabout in Session Road), walk a bit until you reach the Cathedral.

Map for Baguio tourist attractions (going to Cathedral)

How to go to Session Road (business district) from Burnham Park:
Walk until you reach Harrison Road (road adjacent to Melvin Jones Grandstand, one block from Lake Drive). Cross the street and walk straight to either Mabini Street or Perfecto Street until you reach Session Road.

How to go to Mines View Park:
Go to the terminal located along lower Mabini Street. Where is lower Mabini Street? If you are already in Session Road business district, go to lower Session Road near McDonald’s (where pedestrian crossing is located). You will see an unoccupied lot and just beside it are jeepneys bound directly to Mines View Park. Fare is P10 (long trip).
On going back, just look for a jeepney that goes back to downtown Baguio (the jeepney is usually parked just in front of the souvenir stores). You can actually ride the jeepney and drop at The Mansion.

Go to the jeepney terminal where jeepneys are bound to Mines View Park (read above paragraph). Tell the driver to drop you off at Wright Park, or the road that leads to Wright Park. Fare is P8.50 (short trip).
On going back, walk a bit until you reach the Pacdal Circle. When you are there already, wait for any jeepney that goes back to downtown Baguio.

(This is Part 6 of Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions))

Baguio Memories (Traveling Baguio Tourist Attractions) Travel Series
Part 6: How to Go to Baguio Tourist Attractions: Session Road to Mines View Park

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  2. ano po first and last trip po ng jeep going to mines view/wright park?

  3. These are really helpful. Thanks a lot!


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