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Tuesday, February 12

Celebrating the Snake Year on Baguio Spring Festival 2013

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The dragon dance during the recently concluded Spring Festival of Baguio.
Kung Hei Fat Choi!

Baguio celebrated the entry of this year’s Year of the Water Snake via the street parade of the Spring Festival 2013. A street showcase of the Chinese community, live mascots, Panagbenga dances, drums and lyres, real snakes and candies. Just like previous parades, it offered equal fun and happiness to kids and people who have ‘sweet tooth’.

You can turn on the HD setting for better viewing.

Panagbenga 2013 Series: Spring Festival

Meet Don Henrico
The parade started at around 3 PM but prior to it, you have to reserve a slot somewhere along the upper part of Session Road before 2:30 PM. That’s how people expect the festival and indeed there were so many speculators when I watched the Spring Festival too.

Baguio Spring Festival is similar to how the different China towns in the country celebrate Chinese New Year. The most striking color during the parade was red, other than the redder ones. Snake figurines and inflatables were featured but the ones that wowed the visitors were real ones. REAL ONES.Some people brought their ‘pets’ for the parade. And the snakes were big and long! How I wonder if it wasn’t tamed or something then all of a sudden it becomes wild and devoured the kid in front of the owner. Well, fortunately, the snake knew that he will be the star for this year’s Spring Festival so he played cool (oh not dead).

Of course, a parade will not be a typical Pinoy parade without giving candies. Kids and adults who think like kids (and foreigners too) enjoyed catching the candies thrown at them by the ones who participated for the street parade. Sometimes though the thrower acts roughly and sometimes I think they were rude in giving away the candies. Some people were hit in the head others in the body. Couldn’t they just give the candies on hand by not throwing? It’s culture. I have to deal with it. Besides Spring Festival was fun. =)

The drum and lyre corp

Panagbenga dance

Happy New Year!
 The parade once again routed Session Road as its main way. There were a lot of tourists who watched the Baguio Spring Festival 2013. However, it was not as grand as when Panagbenga offers the flower float parade, which is actually the main dish of the festival series. But people enjoyed the event and we’re hoping a bit more exciting Spring Festival in 2014. But for now let’s wait for the next fiesta day on February 23, 2012 for the Street Dance Parade of Panagbenga 2013!

Baguio City welcomes the year of the snake.

Ok ka ba tyan sa taas?

The cook and the cute.

See how people flocked in this year's Spring Festival.

The real snake!

Meet Robbie.

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