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Saturday, May 18

The Verdict—Strawberry Taho or Plain?

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Strawberry taho in Baguio City, Philippines
I am not a ‘taho’ fan or a strawberry maniac (but I enjoy eating strawberry shortcakes) but indeed this “strawberry taho” needs a special post for it. When we say ‘taho’, it’s a morning drink with special ‘arnibal’ or syrup of cooked sugar topped with soya jellies and pearls. You can find someone selling along the street in a busy morning, shouting “tahoooooooooooooooo!”, at an unarguable price of P10 (some are P5 but expect a smaller container). This time it was P20, not because it was in a larger container but because the syrup, let’s say, was a bit more special than the plain ones. Strawberry syrup.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition

And the strawberry syrup was extracted from the syrup used to contain strawberry preserves, or strawberry jam. Sometimes, you will get to taste real strawberry preserves in your strawberry taho you bought from Manong Magtataho along somewhere in Baguio (you can find them in almost all of the touristy places like Mines View or Burnham). It was for the reason that Baguio is known for strawberries and thus they have to do a simple twist, to make strawberry taho. You cannot find any other taho like it (except for malls which have stalls that sell flavored taho…but mind you the ones sold in Baguio are REAL strawberries). But did you know that strawberries are not grown in Baguio? Yep, strawberries are grown in the nearby towns of Benguet. And Baguio City is not part of Benguet.

So the story continues from Lourdes Grotto, where we climbed its popular hundred steps. We got tired of climbing thus after we settled for a while and saw a vendor selling taho, we did not think twice on buying some. Cille and Titus are a major fan of strawberries and therefore they have to taste strawberry taho. Me—let’s say I eat fresh strawberries sometimes when I get sick (that’s P25 per ¼ kilo). But if you ask if that is my favorite fruit—nope. I still love mangoes (Cebu does have!) and avocadoes. They’re just that tasty and sweet (oh but I have to put some sugar on the sliced avocado).

The strawberry taho we bought tastes like strawberry (really?). After all it was a strawberry taho. And who said it does have strawberry?! Haha. Okay, let’s say the taste was a bit different from the usual plain taho. If you have already tasted strawberry jam, then remember how the syrup of that jam tastes like, and then imagine it a taho. Got the taste? If not, then you have to head to Baguio City to try some. For P20, you will enjoy it.

You Baguio vacation has to be with that local feeling and thus trying some strawberry taho sold along the streets are a must-try. I cannot recommend anyone who sells the best strawberry taho because there were a bunch of vendors selling it on different points of the map. Just be mindful though of the quality (check if preserves are present) and its size.

Strawberry taho is Baguio’s own version of taho. It is non-comparable to the plain ones. Just taste it and do the verdict (not me!). Are there any other variants of taho in the other parts of the country?

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition Travel Series:
Part 3: The Verdict—Strawberry Taho or Plain?

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