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Tuesday, May 14

Baguio Trip 2013—Start It with the Bloggers

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Joven, Cille and Titus (from left to right) of Travex Travels, Penfires!, and FieldtripBoy
Traveling with companions is always more fun as compared to traveling solo—no matter what, if you ask me. I have already traveled to several places where I was with my close friends like in Subic, Bolinao and Dasol. In some of my travel series, I have been with some companies they call “bloggers”—or people who write articles and post it in their “blogs”, or online portfolio. My most amazing adventure happened to be with a blogger and our trip was in Sagada last year. But I cannot condemn the parts where I also enjoyed my trip with other bloggers in Osdung, Ambuklao and Baguio. This 2013, my first trip with other bloggers was well no other than my beloved Baguio City, and I honestly enjoyed our trip. :D

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition

Mojos in Jim's Diner
I rediscovered Baguio, the way it was done by several tourists. This time, it wasn’t an ordinary trip after all, because my friend bloggers came all the way, hundreds and hundreds of miles away (seriously!) from the Queen City of the South—Cebu.  It wasn’t their first time to see Baguio (or feel the freezing winds of Baguio, because we had our trip in the third week of January which was in fact the coldest week this 2013) but we felt as if it was our first time to visit Baguio City. Let’s say I’m a tourist just for a day.

Before I became a blogger, I stumble upon several websites which inform us about things to do and places to visit. And one of them was Penfires!. It was a cool blog because I was honestly helped by Cille, the owner and writer behind it, on how to roam around the city of Cebu (thank God, it was a great help indeed!). After several months, Cille of Penfires!, together with the FieldTripBoy, Titus, went up the hills of Baguio for a refreshingly cool vacation. And I hitched on their trip! (Yes, many thanks to you both Cille and Titus!)
Cille of Penfires!, blogger from Cebu
So let’s start it with a winter wind of about 10˚C, in a cold night in the middle of Session Road, where I met them both, Cille and Titus, in front of La Azotea. I welcomed them here in Baguio, and both of them also welcomed me as their new companion in this special trip to Baguio. We dine inside Jim’s Diner, ordered food like mojos and pasta for me. Hehe, medyo nakakahiya pero nilibre nila ako, thanks anyway. I was happy to meet them at last, because I find them very passionate about their blogs (and I honestly admire people who have the will to survive the world of Internet and blogging).
Titus of FieldtripBoy, blogger from Laguna
Well, if you ask me about the food, it was good but I cannot remember the price anymore. But you know, it’s always almost 3 digits when you dine inside a restaurant in Baguio, maybe the price was something like P130 or more. I forgot to jot it down because I enjoy talking to them both, Cille the Cebuana blogger and Titus, blogger from Laguna. I’m not here to talk though about how they met and things like that. But the thing here is, they almost travel with one another, and that was just sweet. Haha.

To cut the story short, we were supposed to do a “haunted tour” in loops of Teachers Camp to South Drive (remember that 5-star Hyatt Hotel?) or the roads going to famed Diplomat Ruins. It could’ve been a good idea, if not only for the fact that we don’t have anyone who knows the trail to it (I honestly do not know how to do it). Yes, it was a chilly evening, and doing things like scaring the nuts out of ourselves—another chilly double for us! Yun bang nanginginig ka hindi dahil sa multo kundi dahil sa lamig. Haha.

We ended our conversation with a simple goodbye and decided to do a touristy tour in Baguio. I was lucky this time I have companions to revisit the different landmarks in Baguio, because I now have my own camera that I love because it takes good photos.

You know, even if I already spent one-fourth of my life living in Baguio, I still love it. There is something in Baguio, aside from its cool climate that I really feel I was so attached. The culture, the people, the place. And those little things that I cannot account anymore.

Baguio Panibago—The 2013 Baguio Trip Bloggers Edition Travel Series:

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  1. Joven we're very happy to have start 2013 trips with you too at sa Baguio pa!

    The pine city was awesome during the vacation! Sobrang lamig! Perfect timing talaga! Super! :)

    See you again in the road in Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao!

    Cille ^_^


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