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Friday, January 2

Greet the Sunrise in Ampere Beach, Dipaculao, Aurora

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Waves, rocks and sunrise in one of the most beautiful beaches in Aurora--Ampere Beach, Dipaculao.

A night in Sabang Beach in Baler did not stop us to pursue our next adventure which starts in a farther town called Dipaculao, still in Aurora. Organized chronologically, we took our trip as follows: Ampere Beach, Balete Tree, Ditumabo (Mother Falls), Ermita Hill, Cemento Beach/Cobra Reef, Lukso-Lukso Islets, Diguisit Falls, and Diguisit Beach and Islets. We woke up past three in the morning (that early!), prepared for our breakfast, ate our breakfast, packed our things and drove away a few minutes past four in the morning. The reason why we woke up that early is to greet the sweet sunrise in Ampere Beach.

Part 7 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Ampere Beach, Dipaculao
The trike trip to Dipaculao from Baler was cool and breezy. The temperature in the morning was at 25 C. It was still dark when we left our rooms in Sabang Beach and we arrived in Ampere Beach just in time for the sunrise. We arrived there almost five in the morning.

Ampere Beach is located a few meters from the coastal road going to Casiguran, Aurora. It is not a beach where people or tourists go for swimming. I think people visit it for some photo remembrance because the views in Ampere Beach are amazing and beautiful. Mountain backdrops which are cascading from one another, orange burst of the rising sun, a magnificent chunk of large rocks scattered beside a cliff, fishermen on their boat exploring the sea, killer waves splashing to the stones and rocks that rock—plus a mini cave they call the Ampere Cave.

We did our stunt in Ampere Beach! (No it's optical illusion!)
Sunrise in Ampere Beach, Aurora
Waves and rocks in Dipaculao, Aurora
It’s a stone shore out there in Ampere Beach, so when you get there, be careful not to slip or you will bump your head in one of the rocks. Ampere Beach is a must-see tourist spot in Aurora. When you get to tour Aurora, the tourist guide will ask you if you will still include Ampere Beach in Dipaculao, since it is very far from downtown Baler. The reason why we insisted to include it in our tour is because of some reviews that indeed, the sunrise in Ampere Beach is one of the most beautiful in the country, and way more spectacular and eye-catching than the sunrise in Sabang Beach. We’re right. Ampere Beach is just that sunrise beautiful. If you ask me whether include it or not—go ahead for it. It means more bucks to shell out but more memories to take home. It’s not always everyday you see Aurora.
Adan at si Eba! Naks. Cool rocky photo ops!
We waited until the sun peeked through the endless horizon of the Pacific Ocean. It was a bit cloudy however; we still managed to catch some pictures of the sunrise in Dipaculao. Even just watching the sun rise over the ocean is a breathtaking event in our lives. It was like a box of hope slowly moving out and spreading to everybody who believes in life.

We enjoyed taking pictures of us on the rocks. It is pretty amazing because we were like pros in rock climbing but honestly, it is very easy to climb the rocks of Ampere Beach. Easy rock climbing, wonderful rocky photo ops. The only thing that it gets dangerous there in Ampere is the splashing waves. They are really that strong.
Fishermen in Ampere Beach
Ampere Beach, Dipaculao (Image background of this blog)
The dawn is breaking over the horizon of Ampere Beach
We did not go any further near the big chunk of rock because the waves are not friendly anymore. It can literally kill you. So we just took our last photos inside a mini cave there. Buwis-buhay na nga ang pagpunta dun eh, just to take some pictures. To future visitors of Ampere Beach, take care.

Ampere Cave!
Nostalgic waves in Ampere, Dipaculao!

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