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Friday, May 20

The Mother of the Falls—Dip in Ditumabo Falls of San Luis, Aurora

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Mother Falls, or Ditumabo Falls, in San Luis, Aurora, a town next to Baler.
Another thirty-minute trike road lead us to a more exciting tourist spot in the province. The people call it “Mother Falls” as it is one of the greatest falls if not the greatest, in Aurora Province. During our visit, the road that leads to this falls is bumpy and rocky. There were times that we pushed the trike on some steep slopes of the road. So if you are also heading here, prepare to really enjoy the rocky road trip.

Part 9 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Friends at Ditumabo Falls in Aurora!
It’s almost 8:00 in the morning when we left the giant Balete tree in Maria Aurora. It was a fun filled experience, and we friends generally had our adrenalin shot in this activity. However, this part was actually a preparation to the next one—arriving at the famous Ditumabo Falls or Mother Falls of San Luis, Aurora. We did not expect the bumpy ride on our way to the falls so it was just right to have our warm up beforehand.

Upon arriving to what it seems the starting point of the trekking portion (yes, after that bumpy ride, you will have at least somehow realize that it is just part one of getting to the falls, as the second one is the trekking part), we had a relief. You know when you are already at the takeoff point when you see some bathrooms in the area.

Mini falls along the way to the Mother Falls

Lush green forests and coconuts you get to experience when trekking to the Mother Falls.

Be ready to cross rivers in this adventure!

Aurora forests

Getting to Ditumabo Falls doesn’t require you to pay for fees, but the locals ask for donations for the maintenance of the prime spot. The trekking portion should not be missed, because you will get to see the natural beauty of the forest of Aurora along the way. It was a fun trekking activity, not the touristy typical trekking activity likened to Camp John Hay’s eco-tour. This is what eco-tour looks like!

After about thirty minutes of trekking (you will get to cross rivers!), we finally arrived at the Ditumabo Falls area. Before you meet the Mother Falls, you will actually get to see some of her “Daughter Falls” along the way. These little falls were already a treat to our eyes. We were all excited to dip our bodies in the natural pool of waters! When we did, whoa! The water is bitterly cold.

Daughter Falls prior to visiting the Mother Falls aka Ditumabo Falls in San Luis, Aurora


Trekking portion of the adventure!


Rocky road to Ditumabo Falls, Aurora

The water coming from the mountains down to Ditumabo Falls is freezing. To compare, the water temperature is somewhat similar to water flushing out of the water outlets in Baguio City. I only spent a few minutes enjoying the cold water then afterwards, I took pictures of the scenes. My friends, which most of them were in the cold areas of the Cordilleras, enjoy more time swimming in the cold waters. Sanay na.
Takeoff point to Ditumabo Falls, Aurora

One of the exotic scenes we saw was when a snake appeared on one of the protruding rocks of the pool. One of the locals hit the snake by throwing a chunk of stone over it. The snake died. It was shocking at first to know that there are snakes probably nesting near the area, so be careful in swimming in the Ditumabo Falls area.

Sunlight view of the forest in Ditumabo Falls, Aurora

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