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Saturday, May 21

A Tsunami That the People of Baler Will Never Forget—The Story of Ermita Hill

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Statue of the survivors of the Tromba Marina that happened in Baler, Aurora
After that triple combo that morning—Ampere Beach in Dipaculao, MilleniumTree in Maria Aurora and Mother Falls in San Luis—we decided to call it the end of our morning journey. We drove back near town center of Baler and have a stop at Ka-Inying Turo-Turo Eatery for lunch. It was a great, a bit tiresome, activity that we need to refuel our discharged energy for the last parts of our exotic adventure in Aurora.

Part 10 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

On our way to Ermita Hill, Baler, Aurora
I call it “exotic adventure” because unlike any other tourist spots in the country, Baler and Aurora offer different kinds of activities and sightseeing tours. Typical other touristy places in the Philippines include swimming-hiking-trekking-walk tours-island hopping journey (in places like Bolinao, Ilocos or Camotes). Aurora on the other hand, offers historical tour-sunrise appreciation-surfing-tree climbing-waterfalls-trekking journey—a somewhat different taste for those typical vacation weekends.

We had our lunch for good, the food was cheap at only P40 to P45 (ulam + rice). After eating and resting, we tuned up to continue our journey to our next destination—the Ermital Hill.
Ka-Inying Turo Turo in Baler, Aurora
Photo op with friends with the survivors of the tsunami. (Ermita Hill, Baler)
As the story goes, a great storm came and a huge wave called “tromba marina” washed out the old settlement in Baler, Aurora. The old town location was in Barrio Sabang. It was believed that the known survivors were the Angaras, Bijasas, Bitongs, Lumasacs, Carrascos, and Pobletes who swam (take note of the word ‘swam’) in the nearby Ermita Hill. Whoever they were, wherever they went and whoever their great great great grandsons and daughters are, I don’t know. All we know is when we arrived in that particular spot, there was this statue of people who seem to be a family helping each other to climb on top of Ermita Hill. If you get to see Ermita Hill, you will then realize how strong the survivors were because Ermita Hill is an elevated spot where you get to see an overlooking view of the whole Baler Bay. That high.

There was nothing much to see, except the statue and the overlooking view on top. The overlooking view on top is pretty amazing and relaxing. But of course, you should pack some other extra energy as this will require you again to ascend up on a hill.
Ermita Hill, Aurora

On top of Ermita Hill

View of Baler from Ermita Hill
We spent a few minutes enjoying the view. It was hot that day but Baler is a treat to our eyes. Since everyone is itching to splurge again with the waters, we decided to leave Ermita Hill for Diguisit Falls. But still we have to check out Cemento Beach and Lukso-Lukso Islets.

Overlooking view of Baler, Aurora

Lukso-Lukso Islets, Baler

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