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Thursday, July 6

Short (But Worth It) Mororan River Cruise, Callao, Cagayan

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Tour one of the cleanest rivers in Cagayan, Philippines.
This part in Cagayan is actually one of the cleanest rivers in the country. It is also one with the most spectacular views of nature. Mororan river tour, as the locals call it, is definitely worth the try when you are in the Callao Ecotourism Zone in Penablanca, Cagayan.

Part 5 of The Northeast Diaries

My boat shoes during the tour
After exploring the somewhat mix and match of light and darkness inside Callao Cave in Cagayan, what more can we ask for than to be inspired while relaxing and watching the beautiful sceneries on a boat. The Callao Ecotourism Zone also includes the Mororan river cruising, or Mororan river tour, or simply Callao Cave river tour. The river is just beside the popular cave, and you as a tourist should not miss it. Hit it or miss it. Hit it.

Mororan is an Itauis term which means the water is coming from the top and flowing over your head. Therefore, Mororan river cruise and tour is an experience itself. I was really excited on that day to try it because just when we walked down the stairs going right to the natural dock, I can clearly see the deep blue colors of the river plus the wild green nature that is extending beyond the mountains of Sierra Madre, one of the longest mountain ranges in the Philippines, if not the longest.
A banca ride to tour you around the river will cost you Php 500 (depending on the season, it may be lower)

Nice blue waters of the river

People swimming Mororan River!

River tour is one of my bucket list activities as a traveler or tourist. Before, I have already planned together with my college buddies to try the popular floating hut river cruising in Dagupan, Pangasinan with a calming view of the mangroves and clean river, while eating lunch. However, it did not materialized. The Dagupan river cruise is somehow similar to Loboc river cruise in Bohol. There is also another good destination for river cruising (when I say river cruising or touring, it means riding on a boat as you slowly discover the beauty of the river). It is located in Bolinao, Pangasinan, where the becoming popular Patar Beach sits majestically.

A tour to Terabithia!

I did not regret paying Php 500 (USD 10) for the rental of banca (it already includes the tour guide which also operates the boat itself). We were three then when we visited the river. Mororan river cruising is a must, and if not only because of its cold water during that time when we visited it, we would have swam also the river and enjoyed more. However, the tour itself is so relaxing I find myself imagining a different world where nature meets imagination.

Banca dock station

The stairs going down to the boat dock (from Callao Cave)

Mororan river tour is quick. Once the boat reaches the tip point where there is a small sand shore, it returns to where it all began, and that means the tour has already been finished. What I like in the tour was, it was like riding the Rio Grande River inside Enchanted Kingdom in Santa Rosa, Laguna. There will be a fun time where you can actually experience being bathed in an overflowing cold water—if you are lucky enough to just experience water spraying from the source! The difference between Callao Cave Resort’s versus Enchanted Kingdom river cruise, the latter was manmade while the former was created by the Nature itself.

The views, I really can’t describe in a way I did experience it. So for you to know more about it, I do suggest you visit Callao Cave with a must side trip, Mororan River Cruise style.

A family of tourists who just finished visiting for Mororan river cruise

Just when we left Callao Cave and Mororan river cruising, we took a chance to experience how to dip our bodies in the cold water of Cagayan river.

"Mororan river scene"
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