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Tuesday, February 19

Subic Itinerary: Two Days-One Night (2D/1N)

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The different Subic tourist spots that can be included in a two-day itinerary.

Just like Baguio itineraries I posted previously, Subic is also a place where one day is not enough for you to get all the best of Subic. I have already posted several travel articles related to Subic and readers like you have wanted to have a glimpse of a doable itinerary for a Subic tour. For you to know more about Subic, it is best for you to have a guided city tour because you may not be able to pinpoint all the bunkers and stuff. But if you will be having a family tour to Subic and it’s really not ideal for you have a tour guide, then the itinerary I posted here may help you in one way or another. Two days and one night in Subic is already enough for you to visit several tourist destinations like Zoobic Safari, Ocean Adventure, Tree Top Adventure and JEST Camp.

Subic Itinerary Articles

If you only plan to drop by Subic in one day, then you can have one of the presented tables. That only means you can only get to Zoobic Safari and Tree Top, or if you are that early to have your trip, then maybe you can combine Zoobic Safari with Ocean Adventure. But if you want a more fun filled Subic adventure, then extending that one day to two days or more is preferable. Subic has a bundle of wonderful resorts and water sports (and hope you try the yachts) that tourists like you will ever love. As I keep on repeating, Subic is my second love city tour after Baguio.

Posted here are just sample of activities you can enjoy in a day or two:


INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

Arrive in Olongapo terminal, early in the morning (6 AM to 7 AM is preferable because the tours are eating time)

I suggest you to take a light breakfast in a restaurant or fast food, and buy your snack (or lunch) if you don’t have any food with you. Both Zoobic Safari and Ocean Adventure are far from the city proper and it will not be ideal for you to go back by lunch time once you hired a van. It will cost you more.
From Victory Liner terminal, reach the roundabout and wait for a yellow jeep. Ride on it and drop off to SM City Olongapo.
If you rode on Saulog or Genesis bus, there is no need for you to ride a jeep because their terminal is at the back of SM. So just walk a bit to Magsaysay Street.

Near SM, you can already ask people, or police or traffic enforcers so they can help you find a taxi or van you can rent for a day tour. Rental fee for one day costs around P1000 (back and forth). It already depends on you where you want to go first.
The capacity of the van can carry 10 pax so it’s cheaper to tour Subic if you are many.

*If you have your own car, you can directly proceed to the tourist destinations like Zoobic Safari. Just make sure you ate light breakfast, have snacks and packed lunch with you. You don’t want to waste gas, do you?

Have your Zoobic Safari tour. This will take you three hours. There will be another fee for the train ride inside for about P50 – P70. Or you may opt to bring your own car to bring you to the waiting area for the tiger safari ride.
(estimate only)
By the time you finish your Zoobic Safari tour, it’s already lunch time.

*For private vehicles, going to Zoobic Safari is easy because there are signboards that lead you there.

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

Ocean Adventure and Camayan Beach Experience

Arrive at Camayan/Ocean Adventure before 2PM.
P 500.00
Watch the sea lion show and dolphin exhibitions.

There is also mini ocean park/aquariums inside.

Just outside, beside the parking area, you can try fish feeding.

Or you may want to try Camayan Beach Resorts.

Go back to hotel and rest.

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

JEST Camp Adventure

Try JEST Camp (I suggest though that you do this in the morning)
P 350.00
Watch jungle survival demo inside.

It’s like a zoo also; there you can see caged tarantulas and spiders.

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

Tree Top Adventure: Get High on Nature

Go to the Tree Top Adventure Subic location.

Book for a package (fee varies).
P 700.00
You can try their Superman (zipline), Canopy Ride, Tree Drop and so on.

It was fun!

There are a lot of tourists though on weekends and it means you have to wait for your turn to try their zipline. =(

Go back to hotel and rest.

INDIVIDUAL EXPENSE (estimate only)

Whichever you didn’t try in the afternoon choices, make it your itinerary morning.


This is meant for shopping at Royal Duty Free Shop/ Pure Gold Duty Free/Harbour Point/SM City Olongapo. It’s up to your choice. There are also buses plying to and from the malls for FREE. (e.g. from Harbour Point to Pure Gold)
If you still have the guts, you can visit the Boardwalk. I will be elaborating the other options in the upcoming post “Subic Itinerary: Three Days-Two Nights (3D/2N)

I will not present the total expenses because that will really depend on how you handle your own trip. I presented only the estimate of cost you will incur on that particular tourist spot or activity so you get a better picture of how much money to bring when you are here.

Doing a two-day tour means you have to rent the same or another van again for the second day (which means you have to cash out more). The Subic itinerary that I presented is just a mere suggestion, so it still depends on you on how to make it more flexible. Prior to a one night trip, you have to book your hotel or resorts. I recommend the ones located in SBMA for better experience, like Lighthouse Marina.

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  1. Hi!

    Your blog is very helpful for me I will be going to Subic soon. I need a van to be rented for our trip. Please give me an idea where to look for a van from clark to Subic and how much? If you give us also contacts of van would of great help. cp 09109719623
    Thanks and God bless.

    1. May mga for hire na cars/taxi/van sa may sakayan sa Clark Maingate but I find them expensive (kasi P700 yung papuntang Zoocobia daw). Yung mga nasa Olongapo naman, you can try ask them about Clark-Subic route. Nadelete ko na kasi yung dati naming contact sa van, sorry for that. Pero madami naman nyan sa Subic.

  2. Hi! This was very helpful, although I couldnt see what time kayo nagcheck in sa hotel nung Day 1 sa itinerary na to. Sabi kasi sa Afternoon Activities, "go back to hotel and rest" but i didnt see a check in time in the itinerary. Did you have an early check in before going to Zoobic or late check in after all the day activities?

    My bf and I are planning to go there kasi for our anniv, my dilemma kasi is mahahati nung check in time ang tours na gusto namin puntahan. I was thinking, after check in at Subic Park Hotel at 2pm go to Tree Top then back to hotel, have dinner at Pier 1 and party all night. Then next day, sa morning we'll do all the water sports, swimming and some shopping, check out then sa afternoon Zoobic Safari naman, then back to Victory Liner Terminal to go home. Isn't this itinerary a bit too expensive dahil pabalik balik kami sa Tree Top at Zoobic for two different days kesa one whole day lang lalo na at garapal ang taxi fares? we'll be spending like 2000 or a lil less for travel expenses to and from those tours alone!!

    So, ang question ko lang is what time ang suitable check in sa itinerary you posted, since most hotels have a policy of 2pm onwards lang na check in time? Yun lang. Hahaha, andami ko na sinabi, sorry :)

    Thanks in advance!

    For the record, Ill be going back to this site for more of our travels/adventures guide around the country. keep up the great work! :)

  3. When we went there, we already checked in at around 5PM already because we still visited Clark that day. Practically, we only had a day in Subic and we started our tour the next day.

    Your itinerary is okay but it will be more expensive since you will have to go to Treetop and the next day Zoobic. Ibigsabihin nun, you will be hiring the cab for 2 days. I suggest you combine Zoobic and Tree Top in one day because they consume time, probably arrive at Zoobic very early in the morning. Or you may want to extend your vacation days there. Water sports is fun but if you combine everything in just one day, it's exhausting. Find your time to create an itinerary where there are gaps for rest. :)

    Checking in @ 2PM is common, but you can actually just tell the front desk to keep your baggage if you arrive in Subic earlier than the check in time. :) Then go ahead and enjoy it.


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