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Tuesday, April 23

Of Begnas and Sagada Culture

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Sagadans on their g-strings for the annual begnas celebration in Sagada, Mountain Province.
After our lost trip to Kiltepan Peak and some wild Sagada berries, we took the road back to the downtown of Sagada. On our way back, we saw several locals who are on their g-strings (or bahag) for their annual begnas or canao due for celebration on the first days of November. People on their local attires dance all the way from the start until the end of their route. The locals dance with the beat of their gongs along the road.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Sagada culture and tradition
One of the highlights of visiting Sagada is to actually see their culture and traditions. One of which is what they call the begnas, where people dance with their g-strings on. It was amazing to see such tradition which was already passed for so many years or even centuries already, and up until now, the culture is alive. I have taken a mini-clip of their dance included in my Sagada video.

It was a pretty short one, but at least I have witnessed such event. Christian told me they will still go to the old village, which is my next destination in that particular day. The event will run through November 2, which is the main day for the event. People will gather for a feast in their dap-ays, a circular bonfire-dedicated public area where people gather. During this time, families and tribes of different barangays donate or contribute food for the event. My friend was inviting me to see one, but unfortunately, I already have to leave Sagada by November 2. I went to Sagada on October 30 and I was slated to be back to Baguio by November 2. Next time, I’ll try to visit Sagada for the event.

We only allotted a couple of minutes viewing the dances of the people. They were moving and thus we also have to move. After a few minutes, we already felt hunger, which was the output of visiting Kiltepan Peak and being lost in the woods. This time, we have to try Dalikan Restaurant near the town hall.

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