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Monday, April 22

Lost in the Woods: Wild Sagada Berries Over Kiltepan Mountain

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Wild Sagada berries on Kiltepan Mountain
Kiltepan Rice Terraces have had enough though we were not able to witness the famous sunrise over the sea of clouds. The Kiltepan Peak is along the way where the orange trees were also found, and not along the road going to Bokong or Bomod-ok Falls. We were supposed to have a quick breakfast inside Rock Inn and see some orange fruit but we did not expect this to happen—we were lost in the woods.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Kiltepan Mountain
We were literally lost in the woods. Though Christian was a local Sagadan, the trail to the peak of Kiltepan Mountain was tricky. There are several crossroads (or was that even a road?) where we have to choose the correct one or we’ll be lost. We were lucky to trace up our way to the Kiltepan Peak but when it’s time go back already, we were unfortunate not to memorize the details on going back to Kiltepan.

Kiltepan Mountain is a home to hundreds of pine trees and wild plants. And the highlight of this particular event was fresh picking of wild Sagada berries along some off-the-beaten paths. The berries were sour, well maybe because they were not yet ripe but some were already somewhat sweet. If you also plan to pick some berries, make sure they are the edible ones.

I enjoyed the fact we were lost and in a jungle but this particular thing I don’t want to happen again. Luckily, Kiltepan Mountain was not as big as the other mountains in the Philippines, and several minutes later, we saw a small road down.

We thought it was the road we took on going to the Kiltepan Mountain. To our surprise, it was not. But we remember it was the road leading to Bokong Falls in Sagada. Oh yes, we were back again to regular tuning.

*For first timers, I recommend you to get a guide for this trekking and hiking activity in Kiltepan Mountain because they know the right way on reaching your destination.

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