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Monday, April 15

A Night Inside Sagada Pine Café

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Sagada Pine Cafe, Sagada, Mt. Province
It was an unforgettable spelunking and dinner combo in Sagada with Sumaguing Cave and PM2D’s Store and Eatery. But this did not stop us to level up our night with a taste of ambient beer evening inside Sagada Pine Café.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Art inside Sagada Pine Cafe
I thought it was over. But the night went well until we decided to have a beer inside Sagada Pine Café. It is just beside Kimchi Restaurant anyway. I’m not an alcoholic person, but for the win I have to try to drink beer in a café for the first time—during a travel vacation. Fine, it was not my first time to drink vodka or rhum in a particular trip, but it has to be exempted because it was inside a café. But that was another memorable night indeed.

We just ordered a liter of Red Horse beer (I honestly don’t like beer) and it all went well. As we gulp little of it, we met some few tourists and locals who happen to drink also that night. We met another friend’s friend. The locals were friendly. Not long enough, we started conversations with four French people sitting beside our bench. By the way, Sagada Pine Café is a very small pub café and it feels like you are as one group inside the café.

The four Frenchmen were bachelors of a business degree. They all went to the Philippines for a particular subject requirement. I was overwhelmed by the fact that Sagada isn’t the only place that they will visit in the Philippines. They told us that they will soon be leaving Sagada for Palawan in one week time. How I wish I could hitch with them in their trip to Palawan. But that was months ago already and for sure they all already had a very memorable trip to the different tourist destinations in the country. I will soon be doing that too, to travel around the Philippines and in every corner worth visiting. And I hope you also do what I suppose to do, because through travel that you will realize all the walks in life and how people and places differ from each other.

Doodles and messages left by some tourists who went to Sagada Pine Cafe

Sagada Pine Café is a small one but it was jam-packed with artistic handworks, doodles, and carvings. I would have doodled also in their board if I brought some pen because I saw the French people did that. I read some of the notes tourists left there and they all enjoyed their trip to Sagada. One post says, “We enjoyed Sumaguing Cave and the orange picking activity.” Others say, “We love Sagada. Hope to come back soon.” And the others in other languages and caricatures already like Chinese and Russian.

Sagada Pine Café is a must for people who want to feel cozy and warm welcome. It was cold in Sagada that night but the memories I left inside it were all warm that my heart wanted to go back again for another Sagada experience. I love Sagada.

Lizard is a popular symbol in Sagada

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