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Wednesday, April 24

A Quick Breakfast Inside Dalikan Restaurant, Sagada

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Eat the usual carinderia-style ulam in Dalikan Restaurant, Sagada
When you say “dalikan” and you are in Ilocano-speaking areas, you are pertaining to that particular stove where you burn wood to be used for cooking food. Dalikan Restaurant is what you get if you think of the usual cooked food in Sagada—like adobo, menudo, caldereta and bangus. Let’s say it’s a “carinderia” under a restaurant name.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Dalikan Restaurant 2 in Sagada
Dalikan Restaurant is located inside the shopping centrum beside the old town hall of Sagada. This particular breakfast was initiated by our (epic) fail trail to Kiltepan Peak and our lost trip down from Kiltepan Mountain (where we ate wild Sagada berries). The local dances a while back might have eased our loss of energy, but it was not enough, so we decided to eat breakfast.

For people who want a pure Sagada food trip, you can already exclude Dalikan Restaurant, but if it’s already your last day in Sagada and you are already longing for the usual served food, then head to Dalikan Restaurant for some fried fresh bangus or adobo ala Sagada style. You might think this is carinderia, yes it is, only that they serve authentic red rice. Aha, it’s still a different food experience anyway.
Pork adobo
The one we visited was Dalikan Restaurant 2, well I do not know where the first Dalikan Restaurant was. Besides, I don’t even care anymore where we eat because I woke up as early as 4 AM, and trek a mountain without breakfast! So this is the time to recharge my lost ions in my body, thus a breakfast inside Dalikan Restaurant was one of the choices.

Well served, the food has the usual taste. I ate enough so I can cope with another walking adventure where I have to go roam in the old village, see in-house weaving equipment and how “etag” was actually made. Whoa, Sagada is my longest written article on Travex Travels!

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