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Thursday, April 25

Lemony Lunch @ Lemon Pie House in Sagada

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Lemon pie slice in Lemon Pie House, Sagada
Enough of the red rice mania in Sagada, this time our very own tour to the Old Village where we saw a home weaving equipment and etag has prompted us to fill in again our stomach with lunch. We chose to eat inside the Lemon Pie House where we heard from other visitors that their lemon pies were just that irresistible. Hmmm. Sounds interesting, lemon pie for lunch, anyone?

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

I have already tried several restaurants and eateries in SagadaDalikan Restaurant, Yoghurt House, PM2D’s Eatery and Persimon Café—this time, I have to try the tasty lemon pies of the Lemon Pie House, several meters away from the town hall.

Backtracking some events, a night inside Sagada Pine Café put us into a sleep and we woke up early in the morning to chase the rising sun over the sea of clouds seen over the Kiltepan Peak. We were not able to witness such and we decided to go back only to find out we were literally lost in the woods while picking some fresh wild Sagada berries. We ended on a road going to Bomod-ok Falls, saw local people dancing, went back to town for a late breakfast inside Dalikan Restaurant. Then we headed to the Old Village of Sagada.

And lemons were waiting for us inside the Lemon Pie House. Guess what I have ordered—none other than the lemon pie! And guess what my drink was—lemon juice! And my friend’s shirt—lemony color! So take a picture of this in your mind—lemon pie + lemon juice + lemony shirt + lemony restaurant—doesn’t it sound monotonous? Haha.
Lemon pie @ P25 per slice

But honestly speaking, their lemon pie just got so tasty (I prefer this than the ones sold in Persimon Café). It’s even cheaper at P25 per slice or P180 per box. They also sell egg pie (same price) and seasonal blueberry pie (P35/slice, P260/box). The blueberry pie is only available in March or so (but not in the months of October or November) because the blueberries ripe during summer months.
Lemon juice compliments your lemon pie craving inside Lemon Pie House, Sagada.

The lemon pie was tasty and the lemon juice, well, tastes like lemon. The ambiance inside the Lemon Pie House is woody and it just compliments with the lemony food served inside. But they also serve food for lunch and dinner like chicken adobo and curry.

I enjoyed my lemony lunch inside the Lemon Pie House. Next time, I’ll buy a box of it and bring it home as pasalubong.
Lemon Pie House menu + price list of food served

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