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Saturday, March 10

Zoobic Safari & The Safari Ride

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Your Pinoy jeepney ride will never be outrageous--not until you try a Subic safari ride.

Part 10 of Camiling-Clark-Subic Getaway

After waiting for a couple of minutes, we were instructed by our tour guide to ride the jeepney, which will bring us inside the safari field. But before you ride, you will be offered by the tour guide if you want some more fun adventure—and that is to feed the tigers. By the way, the jeepney we rode was fully fenced with grids, and there are openings on top and sides that are designed for you to feed the tigers. No one paid for the chicken (even if we had a few German nationals in our jeepney haha). But at least, we experienced the safari ride (without feeding the tigers). And it’s still fun! I still remember the time I had that experience, and then suddenly, the tiger came closer to my side (I was on the edge), and I don’t know what to do! Goodness gracious, the vehicle was fenced, I might have devoured wholly by that ferocious animal if it was an open vehicle! Haha.

This one will bring you to the area where you will be waiting for the jeepney used in the safari ride.

You don’t have to worry that you won’t have any good photos. There are other jeepneys roaming, touring around with you, so whenever the other jeep get the chance to feed the tiger, just zoom in your camera and voila, a tiger on top load of a jeepney! But just reminder though, be quick and take many photos as soon as possible, because the vehicle is moving and you won’t get the chance to take another photo if you let the opportunity to pass away. Besides, other passengers are over imaginative to the point exaggeration, that even if the tiger was far, they scream and move (or jump) and you know, we hate that. Nobody wants to take blur pictures!
Animal MuZOOeum!

Aeta's Trail in Subic

Kapit tuko! Sanggang dikit. For life

I promise you, this safari ride is one of the best that the Philippines can offer. So if you got the chance to visit Subic, try it. You won’t regret it. It’s the thrill that counts. Why would you rather just see a tiger inside a pen and you watching outside them, when you can do the other way around—you inside a cage (the jeepney) and the tigers freely wandering just outside your fence. It’s more than triple the excitement! You know, when I was there, I was so excited that I nearly dropped my camera. And thank god, the camera strap has saved it. And for that I give 9 out of 10 stars for Zoobic Safari. I already visited some of the zoos here in our country such as Manila Zoo and the one in Clark, but still, this zoo in Subic is still the best for me.

The Zoobic Safari Ride lasted only for a couple of minutes (as there were so many tourists at that time). After that fun experience, we were brought to the breeding center for the tigers. It was somewhat dark inside, so I did not get the chance to take photos. Besides, we were instructed not to stay too long because some tigers do pee just suddenly, and you don’t want to have stains on your pants. And smell like a tiger’s pee for one month. The odor is so strong that you will not be able to remove it in just one bath—and a hundred scrubs.

All of the animals in the picture were the same except for one. Find the black sheep! (Or white sheep?)

I was at the back of the trail, so I cannot hear clearly what the tour guide was discussing. Well, he might have discussed about the origins of tigers or whatsoever but who cares, haha, everyone was busy taking pictures of tigers around (oh they were caged).

Korokoloko! Croco Loco!

The next location of our tour was the Animal Muzooeum. At first I thought it was mausoleum. It reads like it at far. We got inside that museum, and well you got those preserved animal stuffs there. Plus a skeleton of a dinosaur (I’m not sure if it was a dino). It’s a bit of a history, so if you are into archaeology (or anything fossilized), you will have a good time inside the museum. I did not stay too long inside the museum, it was already hot then, and everyone was oozing with sweat, fanning themselves and feels like going home already. But, of course who would not want to watch a cultural show of the Aetas and have fun with the crocodiles? Another excitement is coming up!

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