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Tuesday, October 8

Ride Our Way to Calle Crisologo, A Spanish Street in Vigan

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Calle Crisologo is the main attraction in Vigan City.

One of the must see historical landmarks is the Bantay Church and Belfry. One of the must try activities is touring Vigan City on a kalesa. But then your Vigan City tour will never be complete unless you visit the most popular historical landmark where old ancestral houses and century old structures rest. This is also where you can buy pasalubong and souvenirs. It’s no other than a Spanish street under the ancient title “Calle Crisologo”.

The Vigan-Laoag-Pagudpud Ilocos Triple Combo One-Day Panalo Trip!

On our way back to Vigan City for Calle Crisologo
So we started this Ilocos one-day combo trip at the Plaza Salcedo in Vigan. After then, we visited St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Vigan Cathedral, hired a kalesa to take us on a tour. Next destination was the Bantay Church and Belfry. We were supposed to visit the other historical landmarks such as the Burgos Museum, Crisologo Museum, Quirino’s Ancestral House and the houses where clay jars are crafted.

Practically, one hour in Vigan is not enough. When we had our kalesa tour, we were not able to hop to the different historical landmarks listed previously. We just passed by them. We don’t have enough time to actually spend thirty or so minutes in each of the landmarks but if you have more flexible time schedule, the probably you may visit all of the historical landmarks in Vigan City.

Father Burgos ancestral house

Old house of Father Burgos, one of the martyrs GomBurZa
I remember the first time I visited the Burgos Museum (or the old house of Father Burgos, one of the three martyrs who were executed in Bagumbayan). I saw an old piano that sounds creepy when the keys were pressed. Other than that, I cannot remember anymore. Haha. I would have provided more pictures of Burgos Museum, however the photos were corrupted, I don’t have backup and during that time, Facebook does not exist. Or maybe I haven’t met Facebook yet.
Street sign in Vigan City

Calle Burgos

Calle Crisologo, Vigan

The supposed next destination was the jar factory and you witness an actual jar crafting session. It was cool and amazing like it looks so easy but when you try it, it was not. Unfortunately, this time around, we were not able to see such because of time constraints. So we just headed to the most popular street in Vigan—Calle Crisologo.

Calle Crisologo is the major tourist attraction in Vigan City. This is where you will find Spanish-style houses as symbol in an era where people lived prosperously. According to Vigan.ph, “The houses are simple but lovely subjects ready for picture-perfect shots with their roofs of red tiles, thick walls, huge doors and stair cases leading to rooms of high ceilings and sliding capiz shell windows. Having survived the many natural and man-made calamities throughout the centuries, the families who own these treasures have endeavored to maintain them.” Other than that, though you may find the best deals on souvenir items by day, a walk through the night feels like “magical”. I hope to experience that soon.
Crisologo Museum

Spanish-style old houses adorn the stree in Calle Crisologo, Vigan City.

Calle Crisologo in the morning

It was really a cool transformation of time. Our kalesa converted itself into a time machine that transforms the present Vigan to the old Vigan. It was amazing. I thought I was turned back in time several hundred years ago. The structures are old. The street is so ancient (but not too much haha). It was beautiful. Calle Crisologo was preserved. As a matter of fact, vehicles are not allowed to pass through this street (except bikes).

Calle Crisologo is a street in Vigan where there is no transformation of time since it was established by the Spaniards. It’s like everything underwent development and things, but this part in Vigan was untouched for more than a hundred years or so. It was left. Calle Crisologo in a cool way did not transform into a bustling modern street in the city. There is this feeling that, really, when you are in this particular street, you were actually in a separate world where telephones still do not exist or even wi-fi. Oooops. Of course, meron na ngayon.
Calle Crisologo on a kalesa tour

Calle Crisologo is also a line up of souvenir, food and boutique shops. If only I had more time, I would have stopped and explored more of this area. Anyway, seeing Calle Crisologo on a kalesa is already enough for me though. I had actually a t-shirt bought in this street seven hundred years ago. ^^

Okay, so there it ends our kalesa tour. It’s a very, very quick tour that I want to kick the @$$ of the trip organizer for being so knowledgeable on how to manage the ravel time and tour in Vigan City. Just kidding. Maybe I’ll just get back here someday to spend a longer time.

Vigan City

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