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Saturday, May 21

Slippery Rockin’-Rollin’ Diguisit Falls in Baler

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Diguisit Falls in Baler, Aurora

The trek to Ditumabo Falls has made us to level up our trekking skills (not really). The idea of a falls located just beside the road made us think that it was a no-sweat activity. We were all wrong. That Diguisit Falls just beside the road is a heck to try and will require you to conquer your fear of not slipping through the muddy and rocky ascending paths just to reach the poolside of the waterfalls.

Part 12 of Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure

Seriously, not for kids not accompanied by parents or adults. Diguisit Falls feature two levels of cascading falls, and a series of cascaded mini-falls that run down from the water source. The best part here is when you reach the level where you can swim on its minipools and have your back muscles massaged by the falling waters. The worst part is how to get there without dying first? Oh the best things in life are free.

Going here is not as easy what it seems to be (Diguisit Falls, Baler, Aurora)

Our trike driver stopped suddenly while on the road. He said, “Dito na.” We thought Diguisit Falls is located somewhere in the midst of the Aurora rainforests. The falls which is located just beside the road seem to be easy to hike.

To reach the top where you can enjoy the “pool”, you need to hike the rocky and slippery way. It is not easy to reach it. You actually need to clamp your hands to some of the available branches and twigs of trees, hold on to some stones and know how to balance so you will not fall until you break your neck on the road. Back to level one again if that happens.

Diguisit Falls is raw and beautiful. Once you reach the higher parts that is when you start enjoying Diguisit Falls. We spent handful of minutes enjoying the splashes of waters and immersing our bodies to its cool pool of  fresh mountain waters. The achievement above was great and we definitely enjoyed this more as compared to Mother Falls because it was such a reward to actually get on top of this.

Diguisit Falls

I wish we had more time to enjoy the waters, however, we still need to check out our last destination just before we buy our pasalubong and leave Baler for Baguio.

Baler-Aurora Trip: An Exotic Adventure Travel Series:

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