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Tuesday, December 4

A Cebu Fishy Story in Taboan Market

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Pooh of Banana Split (ABS-CBN) negotiating with the vendor of danggit in Taboan Market, Cebu.

If you smell something fishy in Cebu, it couldn’t be probably about the corrupt officials and their unfinished projects, but you might just be near the vicinity of the ultimate dried fish market known as the Taboan Market. The Taboan Market in the City of Cebu should be one of your top destinations for pasalubong as a variety of dried fish—from danggit to pusit to fish bones—are all sold here.

Part 5 of Cebu Food & Temple

Taboan Market, Cebu (with Jason Gainza)
And you really have to have another extra shirt when you go to Taboan Market simply because the stinking odor of the dried fishes is strong. In just ten minutes exposure to the stalls where these danggit and dried pusit (squid) are sold, you will already smell like them. I swear it will be your official perfume for the whole day if you do not intend to change your clothes after you bought your danggit at Taboan Market in Cebu.

I heard that some of the vendors get their danggit in the northern island of Bantayan and well it would be cheaper to buy your danggit there. But of course it should be Bantayan Island and its white sugary beaches as your main point of interest when you go there, because going to Bantayan Island for danggit means not practical.

There were a lot of dried fish and so in Taboan Market. From CnT Lechon we hired a taxi (P80-ish) to take us to Taboan Market and yes, that stinking smell will determine if you are already near. Luckily when we arrived there, the cast I guess of Banana Split were also there to buy pasalubong (I do not know why they were in Cebu that time, maybe they got a mall show or something). I saw Jason Gainza, Pooh, Melai, and Zanjoe.

I bought dried pusit for P310 and danggit for P270. I think they are at half-kilo. My dad said though the price is somewhat similar to the dried pusit being sold in Dagupan. Well I could not compare but at least the one we cooked at home when we arrived to it were authentic from Cebu. If they got a difference at least it came from Cebu. That’s far from Dagupan haha.

Jason Gainza at Taboan Market (dried fish market) in Cebu City.
We did not stay long in this part of Cebu City because I could not stand the odor anymore. Besides we got no more shirts for it and thus we have to buy Cebu shirts. If you intend to buy danggit and other dried fish for pasalubong, I suggest you go to Taboan Market as they got everything fishy in there. From Taboan Market in Cebu, we headed to Shamrock near CebuCathedral for our sweet treats like otap and turrones.

Cebu Food & Temple Travel Series:
Part 5: A Cebu Fishy Story in Taboan Market

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