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Thursday, December 13

Cebu Otap and Pasalubong Unltd

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From upper left (clockwise direction), Cebu pasalubong otap, barquillos, peanut browas, galletas, mini mamon and Cebu turrones.

Aside from the fishy madness you can take home from the ultimate dried fish market of Taboan, you can also head to Shamrock near the Cebu Cathedral where you can buy Cebu pasalubong such as otap, turrones, galletas and mamon.

Part 6 of Cebu Food & Temple

Shamrock Center is a pasalubong center in Cebu and more likely when you come to their store, most of their items are under the Shamrock brand. If you are looking for other local food, you can try buying along some streets in Cebu downtown. Street vendors cell pasalubong too. But there are other items also sold in Shamrock like the peanut kisses that I really love. It’s tasty and peanut crunchy. It’s one of the best pasalubong I ever tasted when I got back home. It came from Bohol I think, because the “kisses” thing resembles the chocolate hills and was locally made. Luckily, you don’t have to go to Bohol for some peanut kisses because they are already available in the downtown of Cebu.

One of the best buy Cebu snacks is the otap. I wasn’t able to taste the ones I bought though because I hurriedly went to Baguio after I got home and thus I left almost all of the pasalubong in our hometown. But of course I brought peanut kisses haha that’s what I really want and some turrones too. I don’t think it does have difference with other otap, but Cebu otap is still a must try because when you say “otap” basically one would think they all come from Cebu.

Cebu pasalubong peanut brittle, mamon and galletas
 I tasted the turrones, it’s like barquillos with fruit fillings inside (or barquillos with flavored pastillas inside, I don’t know). Taste great but it’s bitin because they come in small servings. I cannot explain the other pasalubong anymore because when I got back home after a week, all of it were already consumed (I see, I should have brought tons of Cebu pasalubong so there would still be some left for me!). Well that’s life. I don’t blame my family when they craved for pasalubong from Cebu.

Just like Baguio with peanut brittle, strawberry jam, ube jam, blueberry jam and the wines, one has to buy locally made sweets and treats from Cebu as part of the ultimate Cebu experience. Remember you always have to buy things and food that cannot be found in any other place except the town you visited for pasalubong. And for that I suggest Cebu otap, turrones, mammon, galletas, peanut brittle and pastillas. With your packed lechon and carefully sealed danggit, it’s like you brought home Cebu after your awesome trip. Share Cebu through pasalubong!

Cebu Food & Temple Travel Series:
Part 6: Cebu Otap and Pasalubong Unltd

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