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Monday, January 28

Bunkers, Monkeys, Fruit Bats and that Orb in Subic

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Fruit bats hanging by the tree branches in Subic.

Bunkers are protective embankments or dugouts used in the Second World War. It is canopied with grasses and tree leaves so it cannot be easily seen by the opponents. When you get to tour in Subic, you will be able to witness these Second World War remnants. But other than these, Subic has a vast of tropical forests that until now is the home of many fruit bats and monkeys freely loitering around the woods. And we really saw them during our trip to Subic.

Part 4 of Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition

The bunker restaurant in Subic.
The bunkers we saw were indeed not obvious because one may say they were just mounts on the land. But they were actually dugouts which were used to store food, medicine and evacuate people during World War II. Bunkers back then were the safest place during the war. These bunkers were included as part of sightseeing in Subic. One of the bunkers was already turned into a restaurant.

To see is to believe, I know, but we really saw monkeys when we had our tour in Subic. It’s just that the bus driver didn’t stop when the monkeys were by the side of the road and we were not able to take pictures (One of my friends though said that if we luckily took photos of ourselves together with the monkeys, we will be surely unluckily asked by our other friends which one in the photo is the monkey and the human…oh what a poor story haha). But at least on our part, we saw them. Because the last time we went to Subic they were not on the road and thus we did not witness monkeys back then. Besides, there were already a horde monkeys inside the bus…only the highest form. :-)
Featured in this photo is a bunker (the mounted surface). This bunker in Subic was transformed into a restaurant.
We were told by the tourist guide that Subic is only part of Zambales at the side of the Royal Duty Free shop and the rest going to Zoobic Safari, Tree Top Adventure and Camayan are already a part of Morong in Bataan. A trivia indeed right, because what we used to know, Subic is wholly part of Zambales, well yes if we pertain to the town Subic north of Olongapo City (I have had a five-day staycation there before), but if we say “Subic” and that’s Subic Freeport Zone or SBMA, then a large part of it is Morong, Bataan.

The forests in Subic was adorned by these fruit bats--or  they make it creepier?
Getting unfortunate with the monkeys, somehow we were able to capture fruit bats in our cameras. They were like vampires sleeping by day and alive at night. And speaking of vampires, they were indeed like Dracula, they sleep the way Dracula do. Only they were hanging on tree branches as if they were fruits. Thus, fruit bats. They really appear creepy..and Subic has the feel that it’s a mysterious forest. It’s like anytime at night, when you are alone walking in the forest, just these group of fruit bats will devour you anytime. And leave you with just your skull and bones. Haha.

Look at the reddish part in one of the fruit bats--does it resemble anything or someone?
But what made one of the photos I captured really creepy is that an orb appeared on it. There was this face of a young girl on one of the fruit bats. I didn’t notice it at once, but when I was zooming in and out, I was a bit shocked it really resembled the face of a girl. I don’t know if it has something to do with the light or anything, but when I posted it on Facebook, people commented that they indeed saw it. Well one of the commenters also said that she saw the whole body of the young girl, a much creepier comment than the orb itself because what we only saw is the ‘face’ of the young girl..not the whole body! Imagine! Haha.

Do you see the face of a girl in this photo?
Maybe bunkers are not enough for you to experience what Subic is all about. But such orbs that we saw were only spices to it. Fruit bats and monkeys, if you are luck to see them, do not forget to take pictures. Because it is not all the time that they are there. Sometimes they are hiding. Or somehow waiting for you to discover them in this mysteriously enchanting place called Subic.

Guide to Subic Bay: Tourist Edition Travel Series:
Part 4: Bunkers, Monkeys, Fruit Bats and that Orb in Subic

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