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Tuesday, April 16

A Story of the Lost Sagada Sunrise, Kiltepan Peak and the Rice Terraces

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Though the sunrise and seas of clouds did not show up when I visited Kiltepan Peak, the rice terraces were already enough to cover it.
Not long enough I realized it was already 10 in the evening and I need to wake up early tomorrow for the famed Kiltepan sunrise where I should be able to see the rising sun over the horizon of clouds. After a beer night inside Sagada Pine Café, we ended our hectic Sagada adventure for another one a morning after.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

Kiltepan Peak
The Kiltepan Peak is several minutes away from the orange farms of Sagada. It is an easy hike so beginners like me can do it with no sweat. The peak is of course found over the Kiltepan Mountain, and on that peak I must be able to see the rising sun. But I’m not that excited to see the sunrise, I am more inclined to seeing the seas of clouds. I have never seen a majestic sea of clouds in my entire life.

I woke up as early as 4 AM. It wasn’t early, because we were supposed to be on the peak of Kiltepan by 5 AM. Waking up at 4 in the morning means I still have to brush my teeth, take a bath and get up for another walk tour to reach the peak. In short, I will be arriving there at around 6 AM already. For those who want to see the sunrise or sea of clouds, you must be on the peak at 5 AM, or you’ll wait another day to see it again. Besides, sunrise over the sea of clouds is a 50/50 chance. If you don’t get the sunrise, then you’ll get the fog or the haze and a view of heaven’s whiteness. Oh well, I went there for the sun, not the heavens.

It was a winding and getting-lost path to reach the peak. I was overwhelmed by the fact that several tourists were already waiting in the area to witness this one of a kind tourist spot. But to our dismay, the sun didn’t show up. And when it was already 7 AM, the sun was already up in the sky with no trace of cloud horizon. Next time, I might be seeing it. Maybe not just now. It was just a lost sunrise hoping to get back again once I visit Sagada for the second time.
Mountain dew on Kiltepan Peak, Sagada

Christian of www.christianaligo.com on Kiltepan Peak

The Kiltepan Rice Terraces

The view of the cascading mountains, the river, and the Kiltepan Rice Terraces were already enough for me to consider Kiltepan Peak a pleasure to the eyes. I might not have seen the popular sunrise, but I saw something more of it. Sagada was a story of mountains, nature and how they coincide with one another. Sagada is beautiful.

I do not recommend future travelers to solo backpack Kiltepan Peak, unless you already went there several times. The paths going to it are treacherous; you wouldn’t believe we were lost when we got back from the peak. Besides, you are leaving your inn at around 4 AM and it is still dark there. The forest was scary the way it was there.
Kiltepan Peak, clouds and me!

Sagada was one of my favorite destinations so far. Next time, I want to see the seas of clouds on Kiltepan Peak. And the rest of the tourist spots like Marlborough County, Lake Danum and Bomod-ok Falls.
Cascading mountains and other overlooking view on Kiltepan Peak

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