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Tuesday, April 2

En Route Quest to Sagada Version of Underground River

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Sagada Underground River
We were supposed to meet the two backpackers in the rock-formation-turned-into-a-car-park which was just in front of Rock Valley Inn and Café. We bought some lemon pie (not persimmon pie) at Persimon Café to resist our hunger for later adventure to Bokong Falls. We thought they will be fast enough to meet us but then we decided to get the thrill out of ourselves and find the route to the Underground River.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada
Entrance to the Underground River
Backtracking some events, we met these two backpackers on our way to the Lumiang Cave and they happen to be our busmates on going to Sagada from Baguio City. We did our own version of Echo Valley tour then we decided to visit the Lumiang Cave where we joined forces with the two backpackers. A night after, during the good morning at the Yoghurt House where we had our first breakfast in Sagada, we again met these two travelers. They plan to do the Echo Valley tour later with Underground River extension but we decided to just meet them up after their tour.

But we just can wait no more. Our feet cannot withstand the being of loneliness along the road. The solution? Find the Underground River. So what we did is to start from the end and end it at the starting point. A thrill. From the usual tour that starts at the Echo Valley then to Underground River then to the rock formations, we have reversed our path on reaching the Underground River.
Inside the underground river

The path to the Underground River was a vinery of grasses and wild plants. There is this feeling that anytime soon snakes will come over us (or we will come over them). Game over. But luckily, we did not see snakes on our way. After minutes of walking through it, we saw the underground river. The Underground River.
The Underground River of Sagada is the mini-version of the Underground River in Palawan. In Palawan, you can ride a boat and tour what’s inside the cave. In Sagada you have to walk inside the cave and see what’s inside. Well, if you haven’t seen any underground water system like this before, it’s time for you to witness the Underground River of Sagada.

What you will notice is the fact that Sagada has a beautifully crafted river system.  No wonder they have a number of falls and the Underground River. Though the cave doesn’t have this jaw-breaking awesomeness of stalagmites and stalactites (‘g’ for ground and ‘c’ for ceiling), it’s a good check for travelers who want to see more of Sagada.

It will only take you a few minutes to see the Underground River. After, you will have to walk the path we have taken on going to the river. Nonetheless, it was worth it. It was a quest to find the river with no knowledge on how to reach it. For beginners, what we did is not advisable. I only did this because my Sagadan friend is somewhat knowledgeable of the different tourist spots in Sagada (though he still doesn’t know how to reach the Underground River).

Though not as majestic as the one found in Palawan, you might not want to miss this simple Underground River when you are in Sagada.

Rock formation

On our way out of the Underground River

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada Travel Series (Parts 14-19):
Part 15: En Route Quest to Sagada Version of Underground River

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