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Friday, May 10

Bolinao Falls—Swimming, Swimming Din Pag May Time!

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Bolinao Falls
Tara Falls was such an amazing little falls of Bolinao, Pangasinan. We were not able though to try and dip our body in its cool waters, so we just contented ourselves to taking photos of the falls. After it, we left Tara Falls for water falls again—this time, the Bolinao Falls. Tsk, tsk, sarap-sarap mag-swimming swimming pag may time!

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls

Bolinao Falls
It was another hour away of bumpy trike rides (and what do you expect on a three-wheeled vehicle?) from Tara Falls. The road to Bolinao Falls was a set of different crossroads (but we noticed though that it was almost always a right turn), of unpaved ways and rockier paths.

But those minor glitches on traveling to the undiscovered wonders were supplement to the total experience of visiting Bolinao. Bolinao Falls 2 was very enticing for us to dip our bodies in its lukewarm water…or cool on some parts. When I say, Bolinao Falls 2, it’s the falls that’s farther than Bolinao Falls 1. The differences of the two falls were (1) Bolinao Falls 1 is higher than Bolinao Falls 2, and (2) Bolinao Falls 1 is not suitable for swimming activities. Bolinao Falls 2 does.

The people did not spend time to actually try to get the second falls a different name. Nonetheless, it was a beautiful falls where it’s better to tag in the name of the town. I may not know the exact location of Bolinao Falls 1 and 2, but we did enter the village of Barangay Samang Norte.

I cannot remember if there was entrance fee, but I do remember the cottages can be rented for P100. The falls was just that soothing, particularly when we put ourselves under the splashing water falling down the stream! Nakaka-relax parang massage! We really enjoyed our time in Bolinao Falls.

For those who will visit Bolinao Falls, there are also communal bath rooms for those who already finished their activities in the pool and want to refresh. If you want more of swimming other than the popular Patar Beach, then Bolinao Falls is a good alternative. One way or another, you’ll surely enjoy your Bolinao experience the same as we did.

Evening has already paved its way to us at 6 PM, so we already decided to leave Bolinao Falls…and the town of Bolinao itself. We told the driver to bring us to Five Star bus terminal. Luckily, buses bound to Pasay are available, and so we rode the bus leaving at 6:30 PM. Even if we want to enjoy more of Bolinao, it was a weekend fun (raised to two) and we have to get back to normal life once Monday comes in (who said we hate Mondays?!). It was somewhat tiresome but always worth it to visit this westernmost town of Pangasinan.

The stream in Bolinao Falls is good for swimming. Ingat lang kasi mabato.

Bolinao Falls, we’ll miss you. And we’ll never regret going back to you again. We’ll just have to get back to Baguio again. We’ll be posting our itinerary and list of expenses soon for those who want to pattern their itinerary with us!

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