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Thursday, May 9

Tara na sa Tara Falls in Bolinao

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Tara Falls in Bolinao, Pangasinan
The cave we visited was a bit downer (Wonderful Cave) because of the pricey entrance fee. But this did not stop us to continue our adventure in this western side of Pangasinan. Instead, we headed for some cool waters in Barangay Tara, Bolinao. Tara Falls was a series of different falls, but they were all small. But it was a good opportunity for photo backdrops.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls
The first time we went to Bolinao in 2011, we were not successful to see Tara Falls. It was because, there was still no trail going to it (or we just didn’t find it). We call it an epic-fail trek to Tara Falls. Came 2012, and there was a path going to Tara Falls, so we were lucky enough to see this little wonder. From Wonderful Cave, it is more than half an hour (or an hour) going to Tara Falls.
The falls was beautiful, but unfortunately there were a lot of local tourists swimming in the area. In short, we cannot enjoy it much. Tara Falls is playground for locals who dive and swim, because the falls was not that high. There was also another falls beside it which I think is suitable for kids. But we didn’t try any of the falls in Tara because we decided to reserve our fun to Bolinao Falls 2 (which is another hour away from Tara Falls).
Tara Falls

Tree beside Tara Falls, Bolinao
As far as I remember, there was no entrance fee in Tara Falls. Enjoy it when you’re there, if you’re lucky that tourists were not flocking that time. There were also picnic tables and areas near it so if you plan to eat lunch while watching people diving from the falls, or just hearing the sounds of water splashing to the vortex of the stream (doesn’t this sound technical?)

Tara Falls was part of our P1000 all-in package in Bolinao (by the trike driver), for two days (it’s one and a half day). Getting there was not that easy though because there was a time we needed to push the trike because it cannot go up the hill already (the trail to Tara Falls was unwinding over up hills and down hills). It was scorching hot that time, fortunately, there were trees near Tara Falls where we can rest from the sun rays.
Tara sa Tara!
Not long enough, we decided to leave Tara Falls for Bolinao Falls 2. We would have swum the pool of Tara Falls if not because of the crowd over there. It’s enticing to swim in Tara Falls, and the best proof for that—look at the photos posted in this article. Isn’t it beautiful? No worries, we left Tara Falls without regrets because we enjoyed our next and final destination (not the movie please!), Bolinao Falls.

Bolinao Weekend Fun2: Golden Sands & Water Falls Travel Series:
Part 8: Tara Na sa Tara Falls in Bolinao

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