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Friday, April 12

Tourism Employs Local Sagadans

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Some of the weaved cloth by the Sagadans.
I just finished my lifetime adventurous spelunking inside Sumaguing Cave, but my feet have no excuse to visit a Sagada weaving outlet, PM2D’s Eatery and Sagada Pine Café this night. I was overwhelmed by the fact that tourism employs hundreds or even thousands of local Sagadans who rely solely with work in their town. A good example is that of the popular weaving industry in Sagada.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

One of the very distinct weaving patterns is found in Sagada’s weaved cloth. The symbols were alternately weaved along vibrant striped colors. The two insignias were the diamond-shape pattern and the hour-glass shape pattern. Though my friend said that Sagada Weaving Company has already patented or registered those symbols in the IPO or Intellectual Property Office, there is no single proof that the first patterned weaved cloth originated from them.

There are several weaving companies in Sagada like Sagada Weaving, Masferre, and other local weaving industries that can be found near municipal hall of Sagada. The one we visited was near it and if you want to see an actual weaving session, workers were there doing and stitching bags, wallets and the like. But it’s a different thing if you will get a chance to actually see an old weaving machine inside an old house in the Old Village. Yes, some local Sagadans also have their own weaving designs in their respective homes.
People of Sagada weaving cloth for living.
A wallet or small pouch may cost around P150 and a small bag for P300 and you help local Sagadans to continue their weaving traditions. I must have bought some when I went there, but I decided not to for now and buy the second time I will be there because my budget during that time was limited to food and tours to the different tourist spots. Well I bought some souvenirs like the ‘tooth necklace’ and the ‘lizard keychain’ so I have something to remind me that once I went to a paradise called Sagada.

The designs in local Sagada weaved cloths were distinct from other locally designed cloths from all over the country. If you happen to visit Sagada and it’s not always that you go there, why not buy a small bag weaved locally. It’s not about the weaved cloth but the fact that the Philippines was a collection of several unique and distinct culture and traditions that when combined together was like no other.
 Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada Travel Series (20 - 30):

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