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Saturday, April 13

A Delightful Sagada Dinner at PM2D’s Eatery

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PM2D's Eatery in Sagada
Sagada is a town where you have several choices of restaurants or cafeteria for dinner. For the second night in Sagada, we opted to eat in a restaurant, and I was suggesting my friend to dine inside Kimchi Restaurant. But it was another block away again and since we were already hungry that time, we went inside a canteen/store style house. I did not care to notice the name at first since it was just an eatery. But the time I tasted their meals, I said to myself, “I have to get their name for future dinners in Sagada.” There it says “PM2D’s Eatery”.

Nothing Beats Plain Nature Adventure: Sagada

After we saw the Sagada rock formations, Kapay-aw Rice Terraces, Sumaguing Cave and a glance of Sagada weaving industry, we decided to eat our dinner at PM2D’s Eatery. It was unknown to many tourists, since it looks like a canteen or a carinderia. I was hesitant to eat there at first because I have a plan to do food trip in Sagada and that doesn’t include eateries. Nonetheless, we tried to have dinner in PM2D’s Eatery. I ordered pork chop budget meal for P90. Remember what I told you before that budget meal in Sagada cost P90. Pretty more expensive than in any other places in the Philippines.

But I was surprised that they serve our food the way restaurants do it. What was served on our plate was sliced pork chop, chopped tomatoes and onions, potatoes and beans, red rice and sinigang soup. Man, the time my spoonful of rice and viand reached my tongue, it was really mouthwatering. Delicioso! All the food served on my plate just compliment with each other. I ended my dinner with a stomachful of unforgettable cafeteria dish. It was the home-made style Sagada dinner that I appreciate. Maybe you haven’t still heard of PM2D’s Eatery…and it’s time for you to try this out when you visit Sagada.
Pork chop meal in PM2D's Eatery in Sagada
I was happy to actually choose PM2D’s Eatery than any other restaurants in Sagada, and it was like I discovered something new that I can recommend for travelers and tourists like you who are longing to see the beauty and taste of Sagada.

There are still other food served in their menu but the list includes something like 5 more dishes. It’s worth the try honestly. For P90, you will be able to taste Sagada, homemade-style. Forget about the other more popular restaurants in Sagada and why not try PM2D’s Eatery. And you realize that road side eateries also serve one of the best foods in the country.

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