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Trekking. Hiking. Spelunking. Food. That's Sagada.


Life is a wind. Get that in Ilocos Region.


If you think golden sand beaches are the only tourist spots, think again. Bolinao is falls too.


If you just want to see a sky-mountain-lake landscape, then head to Bokod, Benguet.


In this simple town of Dasol, Pangasinan lies an unspoiled island paradise sprinkled with white sands and a total half of mysteriously formed rock formations.


The Hundred Islands in Alaminos, Pangasinan is one of the many tourist attractions in Luzon Island. Give yourself a summer treat; enjoy island hopping, kayaking, swimming, and snorkeling.

Friday, May 24

Diplomat Hotel & 10 Commandments Tablet on the Heritage Hill of Baguio

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Fountain inside the Diplomat Hotel on Heritage Hill, Baguio City
Starting our tour in Lourdes Grotto will eventually lead us to the Heritage Hill of Baguio where Diplomat Hotel Ruins lies. This is also where the largest 10 commandments tablet was erected. After our strawberry taho snack along the way to the Diplomat Hotel, we headed to walk our way to the Heritage Hill and Prayer Mountain.

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Saturday, May 18

The Verdict—Strawberry Taho or Plain?

Strawberry taho in Baguio City, Philippines
I am not a ‘taho’ fan or a strawberry maniac (but I enjoy eating strawberry shortcakes) but indeed this “strawberry taho” needs a special post for it. When we say ‘taho’, it’s a morning drink with special ‘arnibal’ or syrup of cooked sugar topped with soya jellies and pearls. You can find someone selling along the street in a busy morning, shouting “tahoooooooooooooooo!”, at an unarguable price of P10 (some are P5 but expect a smaller container). This time it was P20, not because it was in a larger container but because the syrup, let’s say, was a bit more special than the plain ones. Strawberry syrup.

Another Step to the Lourdes Grotto in Baguio

Lourdes Grotto, Baguio City

And so I met these two bloggers from Cebu, the administrators of Penfires! And FieldTripBoy for a short but worthy Baguio trip this 2013. It wasn’t my first time to actually be with a fellow blogger in a Baguio tour, but it was indeed a great adventure with Cille and Titus who are passionate in their own ways. So we met around 8:00 in the morning in front of Abanao Square and we’re due to our first stop—the Lourdes Grotto.

Tuesday, May 14

Baguio Trip 2013—Start It with the Bloggers

Joven, Cille and Titus (from left to right) of Travex Travels, Penfires!, and FieldtripBoy
Traveling with companions is always more fun as compared to traveling solo—no matter what, if you ask me. I have already traveled to several places where I was with my close friends like in Subic, Bolinao and Dasol. In some of my travel series, I have been with some companies they call “bloggers”—or people who write articles and post it in their “blogs”, or online portfolio. My most amazing adventure happened to be with a blogger and our trip was in Sagada last year. But I cannot condemn the parts where I also enjoyed my trip with other bloggers in Osdung, Ambuklao and Baguio. This 2013, my first trip with other bloggers was well no other than my beloved Baguio City, and I honestly enjoyed our trip. :D

Friday, May 10

Bolinao Itinerary & List of Expenses

Doing a two-day tour in Bolinao is already enough, especially when you start it at early morning (like 7 AM). You will have a chance to see more (like Enchanted Cave or Cindy’s Cave, and Patar rock formatons) or enjoy more of the beach or the falls. As in our case, we arrived at late lunch time, and thus we have only visited Bolinao Lighthouse and Patar Beach (with its golden sunset) in the afternoon. Then we visited the other tourist spots the next day.

Bolinao Falls—Swimming, Swimming Din Pag May Time!

Bolinao Falls
Tara Falls was such an amazing little falls of Bolinao, Pangasinan. We were not able though to try and dip our body in its cool waters, so we just contented ourselves to taking photos of the falls. After it, we left Tara Falls for water falls again—this time, the Bolinao Falls. Tsk, tsk, sarap-sarap mag-swimming swimming pag may time!

Thursday, May 9

Tara na sa Tara Falls in Bolinao

Tara Falls in Bolinao, Pangasinan
The cave we visited was a bit downer (Wonderful Cave) because of the pricey entrance fee. But this did not stop us to continue our adventure in this western side of Pangasinan. Instead, we headed for some cool waters in Barangay Tara, Bolinao. Tara Falls was a series of different falls, but they were all small. But it was a good opportunity for photo backdrops.

Wondering What’s Underneath the Wonderful Cave of Bolinao

Inside Wonderful Cave of Bolinao, Pangasinan
After taking some video clips in Patar Beach by the morning, we already decided to check out at Holyland Resort (P1500/non-aircon room, good for 4 people, but you can request the owner to accommodate more, like us, we were 7, kung nagtitipid). Our next destination was Tara Falls but we took a short time to visit the Wonderful Cave in Bolinao. And we’re just wondering what’s underneath of it.

Wednesday, May 8

The Beach of Patar (Morning Side)

Patar Beach, Bolinao, Pangasinan by morning.
It was a beautiful and calm morning, and just after we strolled around the beaches in Bolinao where it is not appropriate for swimming (because of the marine life there, like sea grasses, fishes, and star fish), we headed for Patar Beach to see the other side of it—the morning. When we went there in 2011, it was noon time (golden strip) and yesterday, we arrived there in the afternoon (golden sunset). Today, we are braving to see its wonder in the morning. And it was a beach.

Monday, May 6

Symmetry of Life: Bolinao Beaches Greet Us Good Morning

Bolinao beaches greet us "good morning"!
It was needless for us to tell what happened after the sun set in Patar Beach, Bolinao. It was a great night of fun and card games. We also had our night swimming which was fun to do and a fraction of the remaining hours was spent to sleep. It was a great morning after.

Sunday, May 5

Patar Beach: The Golden Sands and the Golden Bolinao Sunset

Catch the golden sunset in Patar Beach, Bolinao.
A widescreen view of the sea can be seen from the hill where the Bolinao Lighthouse was erected, but it was still a surprising scene to see Patar Beach in Bolinao. It was just a few minutes from the lighthouse (there is actually a crossroad where the one road goes to the lighthouse and the other one to the public beach). I remember the first time I saw Patar Beach on a lunch time and the sands were really creamy gold. It didn’t fail me to bring my jaw drop again. Patar Beach was just that stunning.

Watching the Sky—Cape Bolinao Lighthouse

One of the tallest lighthouses in the country is the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse
We did not intend to replace the “lost stone” we found in the middle of the sea adjacent to the shores of Bolinao, Pangasinan. Instead, we found our way to the second tallest existing lighthouse in the Philippines—the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse. Did I say lighthouse? Or Bolinao?

Saturday, May 4

The Lost Stone of Bolinao, Pangasinan

One of the smallest islets scattered in the shores of Bolinao. It's that small a tree only grows on it.
After the church, our next destination was the Cape Bolinao Lighthouse, one of the oldest lighthouses in the entire Philippines. But we took to manage and check out all the other resorts in Bolinao. And we stumbled upon this unusual and unique beach setting. A big chunk of rock was lost in the middle of the West Philippine Sea.

Friday, May 3

Bolinao Church—Mystery and History

More than 400 years old and still standing, Bolinao Church.
After we reached the bus terminal in Bolinao, we took a glimpse of the posted map with tourist spots. It was already noon time when we arrived in this westernmost part of Pangasinan and we decided to eat for lunch in a nearby carinderia. Ulam cost P30 per order, and P20 for half of it. One cup of rice was P10. Enough energy has been restored for us to move forward to our first destination—the Bolinao Church.

Thursday, May 2

Bolinao Tour: Tips and Guide

Seems to be a lost stone in Bolinao. You will be able to see this once you do your Bolinao tour too.
I have already been to Bolinao once back in 2011 and it was a great trip. I was able to experience the golden sands of Patar, walk the shallow seas of Ilog-Malino, enter the hole to the Enchanted Cave, an epic-fail trek to Tara Falls (which we successfully witnessed the second time around!) and see the Bolinao Falls 1. More than a year after, we visited Bolinao for a weekend fun—and to create several video clips we used for a music video (Watch our video clip of Bolinao, Pangasinan here!). This time, I have to tell a crisper guide and some tips for an awesome Bolinao tour you should not miss.